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Custom Appearance. Add a custom look to your vehicle with our Single-Color Engine Bay LED Kit! Available in Red, Green, Blue, Amber, and Cool White, these LED Strips can be installed on any vehicle! 

Easy Installation. This kit includes everything you need to install LED Strips in the engine bay of your vehicle. You can install the kit using either the included door pin switch or toggle switch. This kit is very universal in nature, and can be tapped into any 12V power source that you would like when installing. You will want to tap into any wire that is acting as a ground, or you can go to a chassis ground!

Experience. After over a decade in business, Diode Dynamics is the most trusted name in automotive LED lighting. Unlike every other LED distributor, we assemble and engineer products ourselves in the United States, for high quality and fast time-to-market of the newest and brightest LED technologies. We pride ourselves in offering only quality LED products, that will exceed your expectations. Please contact us if you'd like to discuss your lighting project!


  • Adds color of your choice
  • Highly flexible, waterproof LED strips
  • Easy to install 
  • 3 year warranty
  • 30-day Return with no restocking fee
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Product Fits:

Engine Bays 

Items Included:

2 Piece Kit

  • Two (2) 50cm 30-5050 SMD Strips
  • One (1) wiring harness
  • One (1) 4-Way DC Splitter
  • One (1) 1m extension wire
  • One (1) door jamb switch
  • Four (4) zip-ties
  • 3M outdoor adhesive pads

4 Piece Kit

  • Four (4) 50cm 30-5050 SMD Strips
  • One (1) wiring harness
  • One (1) 4-Way DC Splitter
  • One (1) 1m extension wire
  • One (1) door jamb switch
  • Eight (8) zip-ties
  • 3M outdoor adhesive pads
  • Two (2) 3-meter (ten-foot) extension wires
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